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Who We Are

CMR Administrators is a Third Party Administrator specializing in employee benefits management for small to medium sized employers.  We have an amazing history of controlling benefits costs while NOT passing costs on to employees and also providing exceptional customer service via a hands on methodology. 

We do not sell you a plan and say "see you next year".  We analyze your data on a continual basis, send that data to you with suggestions on how to make your plan better and explain, in great detail, how your plan is running, why it is running the way it is and we help educate your employees so they don't just use their insurance card like a credit card.  

With the enactment of the Healthcare Transparency Rule, we are equipped now, more than ever, to provide you and your employees with hard data as to where to get the highest quality treatment at the lowest costs.  

We will be on-site with you as often as you need or want to go over your data, meet with your employees or for whatever reason you deem necessary.

In a nutshell:

Who we are - a small team that is committed to not only controlling your employee benefits costs but ensuring both you and your employees are happy.

What we do - We KEEP IT SIMPLE!  We don't have a huge corporate office with three dozen "executives".   We work as a team and everyone is trained to do whatever it takes.  

Our guarantee - If you give us the opportunity to quote your employee benefits and we cannot save you money, we will pay  you $500 for the time it took to gather the information needed for a quote.  Time is money and we won't waste  yours.

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